Sunday, 8 June 2014

The Wait

The wait,
In the dusk, with the fall of the sun
my far going steps wait, for a plea
to stay, to stop and be your special one.

the wait,
the impatient wait, to hear the chirm of your footsteps,
steps that will lessen the distance and bring you and me near

the wait,
even today the wait is still there.

the wait,
the wait to fulfill my heartiest desire,
to have some cozy moments with you,
to be happy, that's all I require.

its the captivating looks that you have,
its the charming behavior that you have,
its the glaze of your beautiful face,
its the promises that you gave.

its all that makes me wait,
the wait to let you be sure,
the wait to finally make you mine and be your

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